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Our Engineering services encompass:

  • Process, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering
  • Specification and acquisition of capital equipment
  • Project management
  • Rehabilitation planning
  • Technical support functions
  • Workplace standards

Jai Energy produces engineering specifications covering the main items of mechanical and electrical equipment in the cement plant, with particular regard to quality, reliability, low operational cost and ease of maintenance.

The Cement plant covers the following production sections:

  • Raw material preparation
  • Raw meal production and storage
  • Clinker production line consisting of preheater, precalciner, kiln & cooler, exhaust gas / air treatment and filtering
  • By-pass gas treatment like co-generation for energy
  • Clinker storage, handling and bulk loading
  • Cement grinding and storage
  • Cement bulk loading, packing and dispatch
  • Plant ancillaries
  • Central control room, laboratory and administration
  • Plant utilities and colony
  • Captive power plant
  • Software and program for DCS system
  • Electrical interface with power plant

Jai Energy are able therefore, to support our clients on major projects across in the Cement Industry sector in which we specialise, with multi-disciplinary teams that work under the guidance of senior professionals. Alternatively, we are able to provide expert advice on a single technical or professional issue.

Jai Energy and understands its clients' needs and provides first class customer care and straightforward advice. However, Jai Energy is also pro-active and not afraid to make suggestions that it considers will assist its clients attain their strategic objectives.

We are also organised so that clients can regard all of our employees as a single resource pool, which can be internationally deployed so as to ensure that clients' get the right technical professionals for their projects. Our operations are not hindered by inter-office budgets or inter-company politics and this enables projects to be completed as efficiently and as timely as possible.

We are friendly and provide our clients with commitment, quality and good value. We also foster long term relationships with our clients and their employees. As an employee controlled company, in which many of our staff have a share, our interests are aligned clearly with those of our clients. We are also motivated by our professional pride in what we do.